A spoonful of honey everyday

Thousands of people swear by the effectiveness of a spoonful of honey everyday can help them to enjoy the summer without having to worry about pollen.

The principle behind it is desensitization. The sticky honey may also contain small amounts of the lighter wind blown pollens which inflames the lining of the nose. One suggestion could be that the body builds up a reaction to pollen. Theres has been no evidence of the effectiveness of honey on hay fever symptoms.

Most supporters of honey as a remedy recommend raw, unfiltered honey but David Bondi, chairman of the Honey Association says that any local product should work as honey is not a processed product. John Howat of the Bee Farmers Association of UK suggests opting for a multi-flora honey as that will contain a good mix of pollens.

So if you want to see if honey will work for you start now, don't wait till you start sneezing!

Read the complete article Honey: the sweetest cure for hay fever from The Telegraph.

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